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Get rid of insect pests without the nasty effects. The all-natural pest control spray from Orange Guard works fast, kills on contact, and residually repels for weeks.

Make sure you garden isn’t eaten by pests. Our insect spray not only keeps the bugs away, but doesn’t put harmful chemicals into the soil.

Bites from fire ants are very painful. Our fire ant control spray completely wipes out the colony by exterminating the queen.

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Keep pesky bugs at bay the all-natural way. Made 100% from edible plant extracts and water, Orange Guard kills bugs on contact without harming the environment, or your home. Our active ingredient, orange peel oil extract, leaves behind a fresh scent that repels insects for weeks. All ingredients in Orange Guard are Generally Recognized as Safe to be in food by the FDA. We are also listed with the Organic Materials Review Institute for use in organic production, and EPA registered for use around food, humans, and pets. Our products are effective, biodegradable, naturally derived and pyrethrin free. 

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* All products are listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute as allowed for use in organic production

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Orange Guard qualifies for the U.S. government Bio-preferred program.